Cari & Trey

Wedding. Des Moines, IA.

Once a bridesmaid…  This was the third wedding that I shot with Cari in it.  In the first, she was one of four (yes, four) personal attendants.  The next, she was a bridesmaid.  This time, she got to play the bride. Even if it was only Des Moines, which was a pretty cool city by the way, I always love to travel and AirBnB it.  (I’ve been lucky enough to travel to six other states for weddings).  Cari and Trey’s wedding was marked by close ties to their families, but also close ties to their friends.  It’s hard to believe, but their whopping wedding party of 20 isn’t even a record.  I love shooting big wedding parties; it always seems that the fun and energy increase exponentially with each bridesmaid and groomsman.  This was probably most evident when Cari and her friends swapped Hawkeye black and gold into the special cake for Trey, a lifelong Cyclone basketball fan.