Lucy & Marvin

Engagement. Minneapolis.

I met Lucy at a Bridal Wars event at Hope Glen Farm in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Bridal Wars is a unique event that travels across the country pitting bridal parties against each other in fun and competitive challenges. So when I met Lucy and her “bride tribe”, I instantly knew that we would be a great fit. Marvin proved to be a slightly different story though. When we started our Walker Sculpture Garden engagement session, the camera-shy soon-to-be-groom was a little skeptical. But within the first five minutes, Lucy and Marvin were laughing out-loud thanks to a little PG-13 humor. This highlights why an engagement session is so important. You need to get comfortable with each other. The couple needs to feel comfortable with how the photographer works and the photographer needs to know what strings to pull to get the couple comfortable, relaxed, and themselves.