"That's What She Said."

Michael Scott

Mark was very professional, but equally friendly, and made even our camera shy friends feel relaxed throughout the wedding day. I don’t believe I have seen anyone move quiet as fast as Mark and his team, as I watched them literally running from point to point to make sure we achieved all the “wishlist” pictures + more.”


Not only did Mark do a fabulous job with capturing the special moments of our wedding, he is also an amazing person who I was lucky to call friend after our big day. I would recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for high-quality photography and a stress-free wedding day photography experience.”


He was, by far, the easiest person we hired for our wedding, and also was the most professional, detailed, flexible, enjoyable and most talented! Mark exceeded our expectations not only in his talent, but in who he is as a person and how genuine he is.”


Mark’s quality, attention to detail, patience, and professionalism was OUTSTANDING! Mark followed through on everything he committed to, especially with holding my husband and I accountable to deadlines and helping with the planning and logistics of everything that happens with photos on your wedding day!”


Mark was absolutely amazing to work with. He was so much fun to be around and made the whole day run smoothly. My husband and I were 100% comfortable around him at all times and our whole wedding party had fun.”


Mark has such a genuine way about him that shines in his photographs. He captured the big moments of our wedding, as well as the quiet and silly ones, so beautifully.”